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Beauty is power and make up is the way to that. It’s true that fine makeup doesn’t only beautify you but also makes you more confident. There’s no such girl in the world who doesn’t want to look marvelously beautiful on her wedding because it is the special day of everyone’s life therefore, bridal makeup is a little more technical than the usual one. The advancement in makeup like other arts is an ongoing process since the early human history.

Wedding day is the most precious and prestigious day of a person’s life. But more shopping and weeding planning makes you stressed out so the skin can get affected by such burn out. Besides your wedding planning you need to relax yourself mentally and physically so take a healthy diet, consume more water and add some fruits to your diet; some brides prefer yoga and meditation for the purpose of pampering themselves. Keep your skin moisturized with a suitable moisturizer and don’t forget regular cleansing especially when you spend extra time in shopping outside your home. In Pakistan, brides use ‘Ubtan’ a mixture of basin (Powdered grams) and turmeric for a long time before their wedding day for a glowing skin. These pre makeup preparations are necessary for giving your wedding make up fresher look.

Traditions are given an ultimate importance in eastern countries like Pakistan. Pakistani bridal makeup is different from other cultures because in Pakistan brides are styled in a traditional way just like the model in the picture is styled uniquely with a fine makeup.

Pakistani brides focus more on their skin; that’s why they carefully choose a foundation according to the nature of the skin. Different shades of foundation are used to highlight specific features such as cheekbone and nose shape which is called ‘contouring’. Apart from foundation and contouring eye makeup and lipstick shades are well chosen by an expert according to the bridal dress and jewelry.

For a perfect Pakistani bridal look the foundation is chosen that matches the complexion of the bride and some lighter and darker tones for the purpose of contouring. The cheekbones are made into focus and nose is given a pointed shape using contouring technique. Just have a look on the picture isn’t it exciting to make your features look as sharp as you want.

Usually before weddings brides don’t sleep properly which creates dark circles around eyes. The best way to avoid dark circles is proper rest but if you feel some dark area underneath your eyes, use concealer. The blusher used for Pakistani bridal makeup is always very rosy and fresh in color. Look at the blusher of this perfectly accoutered bride, isn’t it amazing?

A bride’s eyes are the center of attention for anyone and Pakistani brides decorate their eyes with a lot of mascara, classic eyeliner, a bright colored eye shadow and false eyelashes. Eyes are often made smoky and to add more liveliness to eyes different shades of eye shadows are used.

The lips of brides look dazzling in matte lipsticks. If you have done your eyes with shimmery eye shadows then matte lipstick will give you a more glamorous outlook.

The makeup trends in Pakistan like other parts of the world also vary with the passage of time. In the present years girls are aesthetically more attracted towards novelty therefore, diverse ideas of wedding makeup have emerged in 2017 and 2018 which are more innovative. What kind of makeup will look trendy and what will suit you best depends upon the wedding dress you select. If you want to choose your wedding dress in lighter colors and sober shades plus less heavy embroidery then the grace of your dress will be highlighted with darker hues of makeup. Look at the picture for instance, how magnificently this beautiful bride is carrying the fawn color with cherry-red lipstick and sheeny eye makeup.

Likewise with dark and bright colors of ‘Lehnga’ or bridal dress, nude colors are in trend. The old fashioned red and maroon shades are a little outdated for Walima but are in trend for Barat reception. The looks of this bride in the picture is the perfect depiction of elegance and decency in dark green dress.

These days brides are more into natural looks, for this a silver shade is used on the inner corners of eyes (above the tear duct) with mascara applied more than twice and a lighter shade of lipstick it gives you a perfect innocent look, this type of natural looking makeup is preferred on Mehndi functions.

Hairstyle done according to face cut enhances your bridal looks. Innovation in hairstyles has also seen in the recent years. Numerous hairstyles are in trends for different wedding functions to give you an entirely new look on all the days. A loose braid on one side embellished with pearls or flowers look trendier on Mehndi night. See how the stunning bride looks mesmerizing just because of her perfectly done braid with tiny flowers.

A curly high bun looks classier with pearls; this royal look will give you a more astounding look on your Barat day.

Open hair give a new look to your Walima dress; curl your hair at the ends, set them with back combing at the front, use hair spray and leave them free, you will never go wrong!

In contrast to Pakistan, Indian bridal makeup is more traditional. In India the bridal make up is done with more fresh and brighter colors; both eyes and lips are made heavy with dark shades especially red because they usually wear red on their wedding day. In traditional Indian makeup women prefer the heavy jewelry, dense embroidery and loud make up but ironically they look no less attractive than modern brides in that peculiar traditional tinge.

Do you think that traditional make up is always loud and tacky because it is rich in hues? No, that’s not true at all. You can also look very traditional in fine colors. Here you see the bride in delicately fine colors but in very traditional makeup and pearled jewelry; eyes are made heavy with upper and lower wings of eyeliner and pitch-black smoke is created. See how she looks stylishly traditional!

In modern days, bridal makeup has widened in its shades. Typically, matte blusher and eye shadows are used in modern bridal makeup and glossy lipstick are also getting superannuated. Smoky eyes with different colors look trendier these days and nude lip colors look immensely outstanding with your fancy bridal wear. Here is another perfectly styled bride looking flawless in her heavily embroided outfit and carefully done makeup. Smoky eyes with the touch of matching color and matte peach lipstick along with twisted hairdo are complementing her bridal looks.

In the past more gaudy colors were seen in bridal makeup and dresses but the trends have changed in 2016 and 2017. Now the off white and beige colors look trendier than those of maroon. Light pink also look stylish with the matching make up. Now the smoky eyes are added with more colors and in lipstick pink and peach shades give a fine look to a bride’s personality. A perfect contouring is very important in preparing the face of the bride for makeover. Look at the way this innocently cute bride is rocking her off white bridal wear with unique shades of make-up. She can stun the whole crowd with her alluring smoky eyes and utterly twisted hair. Cannot she?

Now a day, girls do not prefer to do their bridal makeover by their own because on such a big day you need professional assistance. Professional bridal makeup is done with a lot more sensitivity and care. The oily base is desirable for dry skin and so water base works best with oily skin. Professional makeup artists use different brushes and sponges for the fine blend of base. The eyes are made prominent with sharp eyeliner and a matte finish is given to them. Remember you nail color and lipstick should match with your dress. For a fine finishing of lipstick, use a lipstick brush. One more thing, use the base on your hands and feet as well for a more even tone. The makeup spray is necessary at the end as it make your makeup last longer. See how this beautiful bride is given more chiseled look with a fine professional touch of makeup.

In bridal makeup there are different trends of makeup to justify the grace of your wedding dress. With various combinations of your wedding wear you can go for makeup ideas. Here are some of the ideas of bridal makeup with different shades and styles.

Give yourself a royal look with the magnificence of pinkish peach color dress. Do a heavy eye make-up and use a lot of mascara to enrich the attractiveness of your eyelashes. A nude lipstick with such shades will never go wrong.

For the unusual colors such as turquoise green don’t focus much on your eyes, use a dark lipstick hue. Glossy lipstick will look equally appealing.

Some girls love desire to look traditional and classy on their wedding day so they pick up red or maroon wedding wear. Here is a perfect idea to stay stylish and unique with such traditional outfit. A pinkish or rosy blusher will work best along with a little smoke of brown and golden on eyes and lipstick matching to the color of your blusher.

Red lip color and glittery eyes will look adorable with a light color of your wedding dress. Perfect to look glamorous on your Walima day.

One of the most celebrated functions is Mehndi in wedding ceremonies. On Mehndi day, brides look innocently beautiful in quite simple or untouched makeup. Yellow is the main and favorite color of girls to wear on their Mehndi day but now days other colors are also in. Mehndi makeup is different from that of Barat and Walima because in Mehndi girls want to look fresh and simple. Heavy embroidery and flashy colors do not work with the function of Mehndi. How you need to do your make over for Mehndi depends on the dress you wear and the also on the season. In summer weddings you cannot go for dark colors and vice versa. If your Mehndi dress is dull yellow with the combination of some dark color, your makeup must be elementary. Give yourself a decent look with dead straight hair and a like jewelry. Don’t forget to wear matching bangles.

Floral jewelry looks extremely beautiful on Mehndi day. A natural pink make up done with a little bit addition of some other color such as pink with lemon yellow and fresh flowers will give you astonishingly smart look on your Mehndi. See how the natural fragrances are adorning this Mehndi bride.

Try to avoid some dark colors and dense embroidery in your Mehndi wear because on Barat and Walima you have to wear completely glamorous attires. Pick up a light color of your Mehndi outfit and use a lighter shade of lipstick. Side braids decorated with flowers are always a wonderful idea to look gorgeous on Mehndi because they complement you ‘bride to be’ looks.

You can make give yourself a classier look by using ‘paranda’ in your hair. Fancy paranda matching with your dress will look eye catching on your Mehndi evening. Another unique idea of floral crown is here to make you stand out on your pre wedding celebration. White and yellow flowers are used to create a floral ‘matha patti’ for a perfect Mehndi look. Do a nude makeup with no kajal and use a fine lipstick to enchant your ‘to be husband’ with you ultimate magical simplicity.

Cutting long story short, bridal makeup is a careful process and some extra care and aesthetic sense is required to make a bride perfect for her day.  Be yourself in choosing your wedding attire and enhance its grace by these impeccable ideas. Have a happy wedding!


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