Hairstyles to Try Before Going to a Party or Wedding


Iris Apfel says “if your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything”. Hairstyle is one of the basic requirements of your personality. Women have an innate need of admiration and your hair is the key factor to fulfill this very need. To enhance your grace and looks you put on a lot of foundation, branded lipstick, eye shadows, nail paints and much more but your hairstyle is something which unlocks that beauty of your that chemicals never could. Beautiful hair is the best gift of God; make them more beautiful by experimenting with different hairstyles every day.

Women with long hair undoubtedly look more gorgeous and striking. Though it is a bit strenuous to take care of long hair and to style but once it’s done it make all others things meaningless for you and for those who dare to stare at you. Some of the hairstyles for long hair are here, try them and make your hair more coquettish:

Chignon hairstyle looks always very delicate and decent especially on wedding ceremonies and other formal events. It is simple and easy to make and not so time taking. You just need a few bob pins, five minutes and your hair gets done with a classy chignon. Go with the style and it will prove you anywhere you go.

A bun is a cool idea for causal as well as formal look. The high bun done with some colorful summer outfit will make other girls envy of your stylish approach. You can also add a bow or pearls to your bun to make it even more striking and elite. Now it’s time to be unique.

Another flawless and formidable idea for hairdo is vixen hair. This is the most exquisite and refined hairstyle for straight long hair. This looks intricate but it is really easy to do, try the style and stay sleek because life is too short to stand boring hair.

Ponytails are old fashioned but never outdated. Side twists in the ponytail style is a wonderful innovation ever made to ponytail styles. These side twists are the quick way to go out in hurry. The pony tail will rock your casual looks.

Do you want to make your long hair appear shorter? Try this knot pony. Easier to make and perfect to carry any kind of straight, fizzy or wavy hair. No pony, no bob pin and still the perfection is on the peak.

Didn’t have shower today and don’t want to? Here is a wonderful lazy girl hairstyle for you. This carefree pony style with a unique weave around look so adorable and cute with your casual style. Cherish the stylish and look fabulous.

Bangs are the unrivaled priority of actresses and models on formal occasions and ramps. Undo and bangs look perfectly flawless with party or formal wear. Give yourself a more exclusive looks and with this impeccable hairdo. Flowers and pearls will be an attractive addition to the charm of style.

One of the cutest ways to style your long hair is to make a bow and leave your hair open. A bow is not much tricky to make just you need a rubber band and a bob pin. Brush your open hair and let the air caress your hair. There must be no limit to beauty.

The bow bun has its own distinguished beauty when it is done with neatness and perfection. The bow looks cool on casual hangouts and hot on formal occasions. Isn’t it magical?

Half messy hair bun also looks astonishingly beautiful on long hair. It adds style and vogue to your rough looks. This beautiful hairstyle can be made on both curly and flat hair. Carry the style with black shades and burgundy lipstick, now you are ready to deal with every hurdle.

French braid is the most majestic and stylish among all the braids introduced so far. If you want to make your hair look heavy with more volume try this loose side French braid perfect hairdo for both formal and casual events. For a more formal look add some pearls and flowers with braid.

A braided hairband is not only for children but also young girls and teenagers can wear this style. This beautiful way to carry your hair will give ultra-cute look to your persona. Wear this style with any traditional or modern dressing and stay chic and elegant.

Girls in novels and imaginary world usually have curly hair. Don’t worry if you are a real girl, that’s even better for you as you can style your hair the way you want. Look at these amazing curls done with curler, spray them for a long lasting finish and you will look breathtaking.

The waterfall braid done on all casual, semi-formal or formal events look flawlessly stunning. The French braid with two parts lower layer and one part from upper layer will make you stand out in the occasion.

Chained braid waterfall also look really smart when it is done on smooth and sleek hair. Blow dry your hair, create a chain starting from one temple to another and you will surely enjoy the magic.

The loose bouncy curls also look hot and sexy when you maintain the style with a hair friendly hair spray. Dead straight hair makes your hair appear thinner but bouncy curls make them look thicker enough. All the parties and formal gatherings can be cherished with this hairstyle and also for rough casual look, it is matchless.

Short hair removes the obvious femininity and delicacy but it replaces it with unprecedented vogue. Girls with short hair have a cool and soft outlook and they need less effort to carry the hair than that of long hair. Here are the ideas of hairstyles for short hair to make your short hair presentable.

The easy chignon is the best way to carry your hair with elegance. Make a section by taking your hair from the sides of your ear and make it on place by hair band or some hair elastic. Now take the rest of your hair and pass them through the ponytail and pin your hair so that you may not get offended by your hair again and again in the party.

Layered bob look stylish and pretty, cut your hair short from the back side and leave the strands gradually long on the front for a more artistic and modish outlook. Be confident when you put on this style you are not going to be overlooked anywhere you go.

Top bun is the ultimate style which looks equally appealing on long and short hair. Though it’s a bit technical to catch your short hair and make a bun however, a loose and messy bun is easier to create; it adds volume to your hair and looks awesome when you go out with the style.

Layered pixie is a great option to add grace to your tremendous personality. See how beautifully the pixie haircut is styles from front and making all other short hair styles lag behind. Isn’t it fabulous to have this much voguish outlook?

Tiny buns look adorable on shoulder length hair. To create this cutest hairstyle you need to catch your hair into three ponytails and then make simple buns. Don’t be worried about the volume just push your buns up and have a thicker look. Stay smart forever.

And updo braid is the finest option for a soft look in short hair. Catch up all your hair, create a braid and then tuck the tail under the braid using a few bobby pins. Don’t you like the untied strands? Curls them it would be fun!

A knot French braid is the easiest way to carry your short hair with style. The updo knot French braid look quite intricate but once it is done use bobby pins tuck the tail into your braid and rock the style.

Your short hair always needs a volume in their outlook. Try this volume boost ponytail; it would just need a pony and a few pins to make your hair appear thicker. Pull a tight ponytail and up the layers in the side and carry the style with your casual jeans and top.

Top know for think hair is another amazing idea to add volume to your hair. Make a hump at the front and catch your hair tight from the back, it will give your hair a messy but intriguing look.

Here is another idea for the shorter hair. The side braids from the front up to the back and a low pony will add a decent chic look to your persona. The braid can also be done on either sides or just one side. This look can be helpful for you in parties and in casual routine.

Go back into 1960’s! Hair accessories always add some more beauty to your hair and they are always in trend. Look at this silk scarf, tie the scarf by taking it from the back and tie it at the front. Stay nostalgic with this classically glamorous style.

Do you hate the hair on your neck in summer? Here is a traditional updo with a touch of some modern outlook. Take your hair completely up and tie it your hair using the hair pins. Roll the vintage curls and add some spray to set the curls on place. The style will take you back to the old golden epoch which is still stylish.

Do you want to give your short hair an illusion of long hair? Make a high top bun like this. Make a pony tail at the top of your head and twist it around in a messy way and use pins. This hairstyle will give you a soft romantic look perfect for candle light dinner.

Here is another classical vintage hairstyle for fancy look. Twist your hair starting from the front and going back to the end of your hair and rock the formal functions and parties. A light jewelry and a perfect eye makeup are necessary for this hairstyle for an astoundingly formal and fancy look.

Backcombing and tucking your hair with pins is another fine idea of carrying your short hair with more style and urbanity. Create this backcombing updo and curl the front strands to make them appear more bouncy. You can also leave them straight for a sleek look.

The adaptation in French braid is also a wonderful idea to make your hair look awe inspirational cute and stunning. Make a French braid starting from the top of your head and end it by tucking the tail with bobby pins. This smooth look will make you stand out in formal events, Give it a try by your own or ask your hairstylist for a professional hairdo.

Look at this cool idea of creating the hairstyle at the crown of your head. Straighten your hair, brush it properly and take one strand at one side and twist it, pin the twisted strand backwards. Repeat twisting all around your crown and leave other hair open by carefully brushing them.

This intricate hairdo needs a little patience of yours and once you make it, you will strike the party. The twisted strands are set together with the help of bobby pins and hair spray. This hairstyle is perfect for wedding ceremonies and formal occasions. Enchant the world with your exemplary formal updo.

Your hair reveals the enigmatic attractiveness of your personality; don’t take your hair for granted. Style your hair while going out for shopping, going at friend’s home, on some engagement or wedding ceremony off course. It is very okay to treat your hair (either long or short) like a science lab, keep experimenting but yes, and avoid hazardous hair dyes and local sprays. Good luck with your next hairdo!



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