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Ali Rehman Khan is a very young and most committed actor in showbiz industry. He has charming features and most charismatic personality. He is very famous because of his own character and dedications in fashion industry.



Ali Rehman Khan, Male Models is famous for acting And Modeling, Pakistani celebrity. Born on May 6, 1987, Ali Rehman khan is upcoming, fresh and young model in our showbiz industry of Pakistan. Ali Rehman Khan born in Islamabad on 6 May. Ali Rehman has multidimensional qualities like, he was very active and talented student during his study career. Owing to his study report, his parents wanted to send him abroad to secure high degree. Though, it was unfavorable for Ali Rehman khan but he was highly obliged for his parent’s sacrifices.



Ali Rehman Khna was highly obedient boy from his childhood. It is true, he do not want to go abroad for completion his education, because from the beginning till now he has passion for acting and modeling. However, he went to London and completes his graduation degree with high grades. On the one hand he was focusing on his study but on the other hand he was also taking interest in his passion. He was very attractive personality and very committed towards his career. So, in very short time, he became very famous in Pakistani fashion Industry due to his great efforts. He is sincere person and very committed towards other. In his free time he prefers to listen music and spend time with his family.



Graduated from University of London, United Kingdom


He belongs to liberal and well educated family. His parents are very modern and supportive.


He is blessed with two sisters and one brother. He has strong bonding and very frankly environment at home.



Ali Rehamn Khan is very positive mind person in fashion industry. He knew that, there is lot of criticism in this career. He faced critical situation in media but due to his hardworking, he fulfilled his dreams. According to him, a strong character person must face difficulties with patience. He learnt from his mistakes and became a shining star in fashion industry. He gained popularity all over the world because he did not lose his confidence. Although his first film was not released in cinemas but his second film “GolChakkar” is in process of releasing. Ali is playing role of a guy with the funny and different name “Candy”.


Ali Rehman Khan has multiple attributes like acting, modeling but on the other hand he is a good manager. He worked on different tasks and managed various project in his hometown. He works as a Project Manager at International Organization of Migration in Islamabad. Owing to his passion so he took start from theater in Islamabad after this he acted in the films. Ali rose to stardom with his first film Slackistan in 2011.



He received offer from film industry. He was very confident on his performance in film but due to multiple issues film was flopped and Ali faced taunts and criticism from Pakistan people. But on the other side of world, he secured appreciations and different titles. So, his fans got disappointment but actually he loves acting and he always wants to act and be involved in the performing arts.



Name:                                            Ali Rehman Khan

Alternate Name:                            Ali

Height:                                            5 fit 10 in (1.8 m)

Careers In:                                       Actor, Model

Born:                                                    May 06, 1988

Age:                                                       28

Marital Status:                                     Single

Zodiac:                                                   Taurus

Country:                                                 Pakistan

Home Town:                                          Islamabad

Movies:                                                  Janaan

Net Worth:                                            5 millions


Ali Rehman Khan Wedding:

Yet now, Ali Rehman Khan is still single. According to him, he does not want to start another chapter of life. He loves his passion and has dreamy eyes. He wants to just focus on his career but on the other hand, he said he wanted to marriage with simple and mature girl, who should care for him. Trust is important tool in every relation, so she must be trustful. She should be very understanding and responsible.


According to web, Ali Rehman Khan has very interesting news stories, because in these days he is indulging himself in different kinds of projects of acting in drama serials. He has very tough schedule but he has also signed new projects of modeling and he is in concentrating his projects with all his dedication and hard work.



Ali has said in his interview, there are bundle of issues in this career but I have ray of hope on my new film and he hoped that this film will give him unbeatable success. He said and his fans will be very happy with his performance. And he prayed for the success of film. Further, he said, I believe in hard work, and I am giving my full energy on my career.


He is very good actor and played very different role. So, his leading role in his first drama serial ”Rishtey Kucch Adhoray Sey” on HUM TV in which Ali has performed leading role of “Arsal”.



His great achievement on acting, and he secured award on these dramas Rishtay Kuch Adhoray Se from HUM TV.  He has best sensation on his drama Mohabbat Ub Nahi Hogi is currently airing on HUM TV


He is a brilliant actor in Pakistani fashion industry. He has charming personality and figure. He has God gifted qualities.


He is hard working actor. He is most talented in Pakistan fashion industry.



He has no affair in reality but media is spreading rumors all around because it is part of fashion Industry.


1- Rishtey Kuch Adhoorey Sey

2- Muhabbat Ab Nahi Ho Gi

3- Diyar E Dil


1- Slackistan (2010)

2- Gol Chakkar (2012)

3- Janaan (2016)



Ali Khan has travelled all around world but he loves to be in London again and again as he loves this place so much. This is his favorite holiday destination too.


Ali Rehman is a loveable person. He loves to make new friends. He has deep dimples on both which make Ali more attractive.



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