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She doesn’t socialize much, she just keeps going with her work and she has maintained a very unique and decent image in the Industry and for that, people absolutely respect her. She is smart, gorgeous, she is very talented, she has worked in many drama serials and she is working towards more of her projects. Her beautiful smile and decent acting made her the heart of many people. People find her very cute, simple and lovely.

Ayeza is very young and she started her career at a very young age, she was probably only 16 years old when she joined the Industry and started her career on her own. She is very innocent, cute and she is very embellishing. She made her debut in the Drama Serial titled “Tum Jo Miley” in 2009. The drama aired in August 2009 and Ramadan was going on, it was a comedy drama based and specially pictured for Ramadan. Ayeza played a supporting role but a very prominent one and she played it in a naughty and funny way. Her acting overloaded with cuteness and naughtiness made her a very prominent girl and then she started to appear in many dramas. She had been doing supporting roles in many television series in the year 2009 and 2010; she was being offered roles one after another. 2011 proved to be a very much lucky year for Ayeza and she played a Lead character in a romantic drama “Tootey Huwey Per” and that rose to popularity and fame for her and that we can say is a breakthrough in her career as she was all over popular and everyone knew Ayeza afterwards. She then played lead characters in several dramas and she achieved to mark her name in the top most leading actresses in the Industry. She has worked in many serials such as “Maaye Ni”, “Kaala Jadoo”, “Kitni Gihain Baqi Hain”, “Shadi Mubarak”, “Zard Mausam”, “Mera Saaein 2”, “Aks”, “Kahi Unkahi”, “Meri Zindagi Hai Tu”, “Adhoori Aurat”, “Saari Bhool Hamari Thi”, “Ghalti Se Mistake Hogai”, “Pyaray Afzal”, “Do Qadam Door Thay”, “Mere Meherbaan”, “Jab We Wed”, “Bikhra Mera Naseeb”, “Teri Meri Love Story”, “Tum Kon Piya”, “Shehrnaz”.

In the very start, she played many supporting roles but once she started to play lead roles, she gave one after another hit drama. She has become a very common name that every person, every family of Pakistan likes her now. She has always been adorned by people for her hard work and talent. She has been nominated to many awards such as she was nominated for Award for Best Actress Popular and Award for Best Actress Jury and she won the Award for BEST TV ACTRESS in 14th LUX STYLE AWARDS. It was being rumored that she might discontinue acting after her marriage but she is still working, in fact she is shooting these days for a drama “Muhabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai”. Ayeza is lucky to receive such a positive and warm response from audience and her lovers always. She is very perfect in everything she’s doing in her life.


Ayeza Khan always has maintained to have a very positive image in the Industry, she is one man woman. The only person came in her life became her husband. And if we talk about scandals and controversies about and related to Ayeza Khan, we can have a look on her clear and neat profile and image. She has never been in such a thing that can be considered shameful for her. But it is very common that when people join Showbiz, their life doesn’t remain private anymore and people always try to know more and more about their stars, they daily see on Television Screens and in trying to find more about stars, people start poking in their personal lives.

When people are unable to find controversies and scandals on someone, they try to create them by their own. There exists a video scandal posted on different websites saying she is Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor in the video doing personal stuff. But we can clearly see in the video that the girl is not Ayeza. It is very common that MMS leaks are very common to many celebrities worldwide. and the scandal about MMS leaked of ayeza and Danish came up and made both of the husband and wife very upset and annoyed but if we clearly see the video, the girl is someone that might resemble ayeza to some extent but there is not even some one the video that even resembles Danish. And all we know that they are very sophisticated and decent people so that is unbelievable if someone even says that and why would a sincere couple would leak such a video, so this scandal was a big fake one.

In the show business and Entertainment Industry, coming under the fold of having MMS leaked, video or nude pictures scandals are not a new thing. From small screen to big screen actors, everyone has come under the pressure. Some are fake and some are real but taken from unofficial or wrong sources. A very charming and adorned actress appearing on small screen came under this fold when her pictures wearing bikini and very small or nude dresses leaked online. Those pictures went viral and people started sharing them. But all we can clearly have an idea that the pictures are fabricated or Photoshop pictures. Ayeza Khan didn’t even like to talk about the pictures, she just said that it’s very ridiculous and it is not even something that should be talked about.

On the other hands, if we talk about Ayeza Khan’s Affairs, there is no other person other than Danish Taimoor that came in her life. Both had been in relationship for many years but they didn’t reveal that openly or officially before their marriage, they loved each other with loyalty and sincerely. They did not open their love affair but people from the industry and their mutual friends had an idea that they were in relationship or there must have been something between them, and they got married leaving all the scandals behind, thing that has written to happen, must happen.


Ayeza Khan belongs to totally non-controversial family and not only that, her parents are very liberal and highly educated as well. There is no one in her family that belongs to or belonged to this Industry. She was a much pampered child who kept her head busy in studies always because she wanted to do something in life and gain higher education. She got a chance to work in this field because of her luck and chance because she is very appealing, extremely talented, educated, and virtuous girl. She achieved all this fame and success only because of her hard work and being passionate about work.

Ayeza Khan whose birth name is Kinza Khan was born on 15th January 1991; she is only 25 up till now. She is one of the youngest actresses right now we have in our Drama Industry; she has earned very much respect, love from all over Pakistan and most of all too much success at a very young age. In fact she is the one youngest, most successful working mother in Industry. She has not only established her career but also she has achieved good marks in her personal life by maintaining both the family and work.

She is born in a very simple, settled and educated family; she has adorable and very simple parents who love her so much. Her father name is Riza Yilmaz who is an engineer and working successfully in his field, he is an educated and open minded person who provided his children the best of education and in fact everything. Ayeza’s mother is very sweet and simple woman and she is a housewife who provided the best of brought up to her children.

Ayeza has three wonderful siblings, one elder brother Wasif Khan who is a pilot in Qatar Airlines, one younger brother who is a teenager and trying to enter showbiz at such a very young age by performing in Telefilms and Advertisements. She has one younger sister Hiba Khan, who is the youngest one and most beloved child of the family.

And who doesn’t know that Ayeza Khan is married. She got married on 16th August 2014. They both made the most beautiful, popular and cutest real life couple of the year. They both got married after being in a relationship for almost 6 years. The first time Danish proposed Ayeza, he said that he wanted to marry her and not flirt. Sources say that they met each other on a social website called “Orkut”, they didn’t meet each other in the Industry rather they knew each other before Ayeza joined this field. Danish had been very sincerely in love with Ayeza since the very first day they met. They came across many problems and at many points they broke up, but two people who are written for each other, must get their companionship just they have to have patience and wait.

Ayeza has a very friendly natured mother, Ayeza doesn’t have many friends but she has her mother who has always been like a friend to her and she always shared her thoughts and even the relationship she had with Danish, her mother knew everything from the scratch. Both of Ayeza’s parents supported her when she started her career in showbiz, her mother was mostly there with her on shootings and took best care of her. Ayeza says that she used to work half the year and study the other half year and in this way she completed her graduation.

Soon one year after marriage, Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor both were blessed with a baby girl on 13th July 2015. They named her Hoorein. Both of them are very proud parents and Ayeza is often seen with her daughter in different events and photo shoots, they celebrated Hoorein’s first birthday on 13th July 2016 with the best arrangements and pictures, posted on many social websites.


Ayeza Khan is not very much social but she definitely is a social person, she is everyday getting ready and having different photo shoots for different brands, clothing, events and magazines. She is often spotted at different places, malls, events wearing and endorsing many brands, she endorses many brands; she does walk for ramp and sometimes as a showstopper with Danish. Let’s have a look on some of her pictures, interviews:


Ayeza is looking damn cute and amazing, she is shining like a star in Green velvet kurta, she is all set to go to the “Umer Shareef Show”, she is wearing Sana Abbas, she is all dolled up by Anila Murtaza, the beautiful jewelry she is wearing is by Bukhari accessories and her hair makeup is done by Owais Khan. She is looking stylish and awesome.


Ayeza is looking very hot and perfect with her better half Danish Taimoor, they make the best couple, and the couple we can say is made for each other. They are posing for some photo shoot. By seeing this, we can surely say that he treats her like a princes shows that he has been raised in the arms of a Queen.


We can see that she is becoming more and more stylish day by day; she is wearing a perfect combination of Black and Brown. She knows what to carry when, she is becoming a fashion icon, and girls do follow her very much. She is on the backstage of FPW 2016 and all styled up by Aneela. She is sizzling beauty.

In an Eid Show with Ahmed Ali Butt, both are looking adorable and being applauded by audience, Ahmed says that they are the Power couple and the most perfect and romantic couple of our Drama, Film Industry right now. Then Ahmed is playing different games with Ayeza and Danish. Ayeza says that she never lied on the set for coming late. Both look fresh and gorgeous.

When Hoorein grew one year old, they celebrated it with the best arrangements. Both Ayeza and Hoorein are wearing similar dresses in light pink color. Full party scene is on and the media is taking the event’s coverage. Many other celebrities with their kids are invited on the birthday party, both mother and daughter are looking like dolls.

Ayeza wore White dress on her nikkah having the red dupatta on her head, her father looks very emotional, happy and sad on the other side, he expresses his love for Ayeza and how she always used to care about him. And the time, she signs her nikkah papers; she literally has tears in her eyes. She is very blessed and a million dollar smile beauty.

Ayeza and Danish on a morning show with Sanam Jung just after their wedding, they are telling their complete love story, how they met, how they have been together like for almost 6 years. They say many times they were about to breakup but they eventually met each other after long wait. They are sharing different videos of their different functions such as nikkah, mehndi and barat.


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