A Complete Guide to Crack FPSC Exam for Federal Government Organization (AD IB – Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau)


Federal Public Commission of Pakistan (FPSC) has announced 30 vacancies of assistant directors in a federal government organization (AD IB). Intelligence Bureau is the premier civilian intelligence agency of Pakistan and it is working well before the creation of Pakistan. A job in the organization means the opening of new avenues for the officer in the society. IB officers are honored in the whole country and being a federal employee it means that you have presence all over the country.

Last Date to Apply: last date of online application is 17 October 2016. (Note that there is no need to send hard copy of application form / documents to FPSC at the initial stage. But Remember to Keep your paid chalan form in safe custody as you have to show / submit it to the invigilation staff on the Test Day)

Distribution of Seats: 

Total Seats                             = 30

      A)             General Cadre Seats               =  27 (candidates with 16 years of education / holding any professional degree are eligible)

B)         Chinese Language Degree Holder = 01 Seat (candidates should have Master Degree in Chinese language)

 C)       Arabic Language Degree Holder = 01 Seat (candidates should have Master Degree in Arabic          language)

D)      Persian / Darri / Afghani Degree Holder = 01 seat (candidates should have Master Degree in either Persian, Darri, or Afghani language)

Process of Selection:

i. Application:

The process of selection starts with the advertisement by FPSC in all leading newspapers of the country and on the website of the commission (www.fpsc.gov.pk )as well. You can apply online on this site after paying a chalan fee of Rs. 300/= in National / state bank of Pakistan.

Download Chalan form for BS-166 and above from http://www.fpsc.gov.pk/icms/user/forms.php

Apply online at http://online.fpsc.gov.pk/index.php

 ii. Examination:

Examination process for this seat comprises of the following Phases:

a) Screening Test

Only the top candidates (08 per seat) are called for the next phases of recruitment which are as follows:

b) 100 Marks Subjective Test of English Language & Essay

c) Psychological Test

d) Viva Voce

let’s discuss all these steps one by one:

a) Screening Test:

Screening test for AD IB comprises of 100 MCQs of one mark each to be attempted in 100 minutes. Syllabus / Distribution of questions is as follows:

English (Grammar, Sentence Structure and Vocabulary Questions) = 20 MCQs of 20 marks

Current Affair MCQs                                                                         = 20 MCQs of 20 Marks

Mathematics (Arithmatic Only)                                                        = 20 MCQs of 20 Marks

Islamiat                                                                                            = 10 MCQs of 10 Marks

Pak Affair                                                                                         = 10 MCQs of 10 Marks

Everyday /  General Science                                                            = 20 MCQs of 20 Marks

b) English Test:

After screening test comes the English Test of 03 hours comprising of both Essay and Composition Parts. the candidates have to write an essay of about 1000 words for 25 marks. and remaining 75 marks are reserved for Grammar & Composition in which questions on correction, direct n indirect, active / passive voice, precis, and urdu to english translation are asked.

c) Psychological Test:

Psychological test is quite like the CSS / ISSB psychological test so candidates having experience of CSS / ISSB are advantage here.

d) Interview:

Final step in the recruitment process is the Viva Voce (interview). A panel of 3,4 members of the commission including representative of the department conducts interview. Interview usually comprises of general questions and very less is asked about intelligence because the panel knows that information on intelligence is not easily available, but they do check basics easily available on net / seen in james bond movies etc

Final Recommendations:

After all of the above phases, the commission announces final recommendation for the seats on its website and through mail as well.

Suggested Books:

Following books / Parts of Books are highly recommended for the test:

a) Screening Test:

i- English:                     English composition for CSS candidates written by Hafiz Karim Dad Chughtai and                                                   Published by   Caravan Publishers

ii- Math:                         Mathematics Portion only for any good GAT-General Local Book

iii- Paistan Affairs:         Pakistan Affair Objective for CSS by Jahangir Sons + CSS old objective Paers

iv- Islamiat:                    Islamiat Objective for CSS by Bhatti Sons Publishers + CSS old objective Papers

v- Everyday Science:       Everyday Science objective by Mian Shafiq published by Jahangir Publishers + old                                              CSS objective Papers

vi- Current Affair:           CSS Old objective Papers + Jahangir World Times Current Affair Objective

b) English Subjective:

i. English composition for CSS candidates written by Hafiz Karim Dad Chughtai and                                                   Published by   Caravan Publishers

ii.  Practice English Essay and get it checked by a good English teacher.

c) Psychlogical Test:

Practice online Psychological tests

d) Viva Voce:

    Prepare for interview and focus on current affairs, your degree subjects, your hobbies, law enforcement agencies, world intelligence agencies, Pakistani intelligence agencies (only some superficial knowledge) reason to join IB etc.

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